The essentials of pony play

A butt plug looks a bit like a dildo, but usually the butt plug is shorter than a standard dildo and has a tapered shape.

A butt plug is also well anal plug called. It is literally a plug that completely closes the anus. It is in this toy to the feeling of ‘ full ‘ are. The butt plug has a specific shape with a ‘stop’ at the end. So can you the butt plug during the intercourse or during the entertainment just let sit. The wide end prevents it the butt plug in the anus ‘ disappears ‘.

Butt plugs are used by gays, lesbians and straight men. The prevailing theory states that the use of butt plugs is pleasant for men because a butt plug stimulates the prostate. A similar theory exists for women, although it is purely theoretical, namely that a butt plug stimulates the deeper parts of the vagina. A second theory is of a more psychological nature, the use of anal sex toys would run counter to one of the oldest taboos, and therefore gives people the feeling of doing something naughty when having sex.

Inserting a butt plug into the anus while you masturbate or have sex can be a very pleasant addition to your sex life. Also touching, fingering or licking the anus contributes to even more pleasure. One uses the plug to keep to during sex or masturbation, others as preparation for other anal penetration by example. A penis, fist or strap-on. Again others use an anal plug when they go out and hold the plug for a longer time.

Tips for first time use butt plug:

Anyone who is going to use a Horse Tail Butt Plug for the first time should bear in mind that the sphincter muscle is very tight in the beginning. A reflex will cause the anus to pinch. In any case, use a lot of lubricant and take it easy. After a while you know how to relax better and the butt plug goes faster and better inside. After all, practice makes perfect!

Start small!! A small butt plug can be a good introduction for beginners to try out anal sex. The toy starts narrow at the top and becomes a little wider at the bottom and then becomes narrower again. At the end there is a round larger disc, so it cannot disappear in your anus. The smallest shapes are almost the same as a small finger. These mini butt plugs fit even in the most prudish buttocks. The soft models give a little more and are therefore ideal for starters. Be careful though, because the narrower the plug is, the easier it slips out of your anus. You can also start with your finger first. Coat it with lubricant and let it carefully enter and exit your vent hole.

Different types of butt plugs:

There are butt plugs with a round, long and narrow shape. These are ideal for  beginners  and give that ‘ full ‘ feeling that most people experience as erotic. There are also butt plugs with a slightly bent point. These are ideal for extra stimulation of the prostate.

Starter Buttplug:

Flexible bead-shaped butt plug. So flexible that it bends with your body. Because of the wide base, it cannot slip all the way in and you only have to enjoy it.

Silicone butt plug:

The silicone butt plug feels soft to and is flexible. This material is quick and easy to clean and is safe to use. A silicone plug is suitable for the novice and advanced user.  It is a flexible, hygienic material. A package for her and him. Consisting of 2 somewhat thicker dildos, perfect for vaginal use. And 2 slimmer dildos, perfect for anal use. It is just what you like. Something for everyone in this package. At the bottom are suction cups, so you can stick them on a smooth surface. Nice for in the bath or shower.

Vibrating butt plug:

The vibrating variant is available in various materials (usually silicone) and has different vibrating positions. The majority of works on batteries or they are USB rechargeable. It gives a fuller and more intense sensation than the non-vibrating butt plugs. Are you ready for a whole new sensation? Have you never known what it feels like to be anally satisfied? Did you know that almost every man has a P spot, similar to the G spot for women, when he is anally satisfied? Time to discover this with this fantastic prostate stimulator!!

Metal butt plug:

This is very suitable for the advanced user. A metal butt plug is temperature sensitive and is fairly heavy. The metal is at the insertion often still cold, it gives an intense erotic feeling. If you want a hot butt plug, it’s just a matter of heating up under the hot tap. During the usage is the plug, of course naturally warm. You feel the plug because of the weight sit well anal. Also it gives an intense feeling. Double intensity so thanks to this heavy, cold metal plug. This foxtail butt plug is a great addition! The tail has a total length of 40 cm and is of very good quality. Stainless steel plug of 7 cm, which is made so that you can hold it longer.

Butt plug with structures:

These are just like the metal butt plugs suitable for the more advanced user. These butt plugs with ridges, studs, and other structures provide additional stimulation during the use. The anus is therefore extra stimulated for an intensely filled and erotic feeling.

Butt plug with pump:

This is an ideal anal plug for both beginners and advanced. With the pump (also referred to as bellows) pump can the plug, after insertion, on the  thickness to be found fine itself. So you can continue a little further to go.  The easy-to-use valve allows you to safely release the air from the butt plug. New innovation to undergo anal satisfaction. Bring the Horse Tail Butt Plug in when it is limp. Make sure it is completely inside before you start pumping it up. You do this by squeezing the inflation pump. You can let air escape by pressing the button at the end of the pump.

Anal lubricant:

When you think of anal sex, the first thing you should think about is lubricant, lubricant, lubricant. Use a lubricant that is especially suitable for anal sex. In combination with a butt plug choose you in preference for a lubricant on water.  If you penetrate with your penis or fingers, you better use a silicone-based lubricant.

Butt plug with brown pony tail

Turn your lover into a sexy pony with this great butt plug with a long pony tail. The Horse Tail Butt Plug has the size especially for advanced and has a flat base that ensures that you can use the butt plug safely. The plug has a tapered tip and the surface is smooth so that you can insert it quickly and easily. Experience the ultimate comfort of this tasty plug. When you have the plug in you feel the tail sexy and horny stroking your legs. The hair is silky soft and feels like real. Let your partner gently pull the hair so that you experience a wonderful pulling sensation while wearing it. The plug is easy to clean under the tap with a mild soap and toy cleaner., one of the leaders in the industry also shares very useful articles to improve your horse tail butt plug experiences. Make sure to check out these out and the products that they offer.