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PETER MATTHEW BAUER – SUMMER TOUR ON SALE NOW Buy tickets now or see for more info.  June 17 – SAN FRANCISCO #1 June 18 – SAN FRANCISCO #2 June 24 – SEATTLE June 25 – PORTLAND (McMinnville) July 9 – ORANGE COUNTY (Fullerton) July 14 – NYC (Williamsburg) July 15 – NYC (Bushwick) July 16 – PHILADELPHIA July 22 – WASHINGTON DC (Just added) These shows are all Peter and a guitar solo. Each show holds no more than 60 people. Often the performance is without amplification of any sort. Coming to living rooms, backyards, studios and houses all over the nation. Please check back soon for more shows to be added.

photo by Kellen Nordstrom

PETER MATTHEW BAUER is a singer and rock & roll musician currently residing in Philadelphia. He released a debut solo album entitled Liberation! in June of last year, and was formerly a founder of seminal NYC art rock band the Walkmen. Presently, he has completed a recent American tour with the likes of The War on Drugs & Delta Spirit and is planning future concerts and working on a follow up record. He is also the founder of Fifth Sun, Fifth World, an esoteric society of artists and thinkers based on art as seen in light of myth and symbol. His writings and esoteric work can be found on his esoteric site and through the society at Peter can be seen in performance both by himself and with his backing group made up of musicians from Texas, NYC and Philadelphia. photo by Kellen Nordstrom