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Hosts Needed: Living Room Shows August/Sep

I’m moving out west and, on the way, I’ll be bringing my traveling beatnik living room rock & roll show across the country with me. So I’m looking for hosts. These shows are just me and a guitar in different homes, studios and warehouses donated by folks like you who have been gracious enough to throw a show. If you’d like to host in any of the following areas, please email and myself or one of my “people” will be in touch. If you don’t see your town on the list, drop me a line anyways and I’ll try to make it over soon. JUNE Philadelphia – June 26 JULY Washington DC – July 2 Pittsburgh/Columbus – July 6 Louisville – July 11 (booked) Nashville – July 13 Memphis – July 15 Oklahoma City/Norman -July 16 Albuquerque-July 17 Flagstaff/Sedona/Phoenix Arizona – July 19 SEPTEMBER 6-12 London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinborough, Paris, Amsterdam, Other UK Cities SEPTEMBER 19-30 Tijuana, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Northern California, Portland, Seattle Each show is limited to btw 40-60 tickets, but …

Philadelphia Raga vid still


“Philadelphia Raga” video directed by Matthew Barrick Assisted by Kate Devlin Starring Peter Matthew Bauer, Marisa Brown, Emily Ounsworth, Jess Conda, Drew Mills, Chris Wilson, Mickey Walker & Quentin Stoltzfus

photo by Kellen Nordstrom

PETER MATTHEW BAUER is a singer and rock & roll musician currently residing in Philadelphia. He released a debut solo album entitled Liberation! in June of last year, and was formerly a founder of seminal NYC art rock band the Walkmen. Presently, he has completed a recent American tour with the likes of The War on Drugs & Delta Spirit and is planning future concerts and working on a follow up record. He is also the founder of Fifth Sun, Fifth World, an esoteric society of artists and thinkers based on art as seen in light of myth and symbol. His writings and esoteric work can be found on his esoteric site and through the society at Peter can be seen in performance both by himself and with his backing group made up of musicians from Texas, NYC and Philadelphia. photo by Kellen Nordstrom