9 Reason Why Corporate Get Togethers should look to Boat Parties

In today’s age the corporate environment is in under more stress than ever before. Unprecedented work schedules, back breaking targets, constantly changing business climate etc are few examples. One way to release this stress, create synergy and revive enthusiasm is to have the annual organization picnic that everyone looks forward to. Having a boat party can be one of a different experience that a boss can surprise their employees with.

Here are nine reasons why a corporate or an organization should look into a boat party for this annual picnic or any get together.

A very different experience

Boat Party provides a very different and refreshing experience. Much too often we see a lot of fall outs in the annual picnic at resort etc by employees as they feel it is far better to rest at home than play badminton on the squashy field followed by muscle aches. Over seasons it is noticed that Boat Parties are a pull factor rather than a push factor where one can to convince employees to turn up for the day long programme.

Everyone together at one place

Of course employees cannot run away at different places on a boat. Team leaders often complain that employees often run away from the recreation center and many a times out of the resort or picnic area across a road and form their own group chitchatting over a smoke. Although it’s a customary break that many take during office hours but during get together it is more of a nuisance and beats the very objective of having a get together.

During a Boat party everyone is together for a certain time period which gives way to creating a lot of activities which in turn builds team bonding.

Short and sweet

Sometime a picnic can be very tiring with a lot of travel to and fro with much of the time being spent on buses etc. A boat party is usually short, about 3 to 4 hours and packs a punch with dj for entertainment or a live band etc over a meal.

Team Bonding

Over a boat party because everyone is together there over an interactive games or dj session, it automatically creates an environment for a great time of laughter and fun which creates a new team bonding and synergy.

Not expensive

A boat party can be a more reasonable option compared to a get together over other destinations where a travel booking, up market resort booking etc may be required. A boat party ultimately delivers an equal or more amount of thrill, excitement and entertainment for a lesser investment as compared to an expensive destination tour.

Different types of boats to suit preference

There are different types of boats with different capacities and layouts to suit different requirements for a corporate boat party. If there are 20 to 30 people there is an option of a vessel and a catamaran barge. If there are up to 150 people a larger air conditioned vessel or a barge can be an option. And then there is a huge vessel to accommodate much larger numbers.

River casting a positive & a soothing effect

Once a very famous Psychologist described the experience on water as psychologically positive and soothing. He went to explain that movement causes energy. With the cruise and the water both in motion, subconsciously it causes a positive and a soothing feeling. Its very true that it can be because of this reason why boat parties are very popular and a huge attraction.

Few requirements for boat party

When on a boat party usually there are very few requirements that needs to be met as against other places where the list is almost endless.

Food and music forms two of the basic requirements for everyone who parties on board. Drinks often become a must to go along with the serenity and the mood. In music usually a DJ covers a lot of entertainment section but a live band or dancers often throw a different twist to the party experience.

Food Customization

The food spread can be intricately planned and customized to meet the requirement for the occasion and the preferences of the organization as per their budget and taste. Unlike a hotel or restaurant where a definite type of cuisine is usually available, on a boat party a more robust and range of food cuisines can be planned and delivered.

There are however few places where one can get a good boat party experience in India and Kolkata is certainly one city which is probably far ahead of other places in India as far as boat party is concerned. As more and more corporate look to a different experience to treat their hard working employee’s party on a boat is certainly an experience which would hold very special in everyone’s mind.