4 reasons why you shouldn‘t miss the boat parties

Welcome to the craziest island in the world. Ibiza is very well known for its clubs, world-famous events, and of course its unmissable boat parties. In this article, we will present 5 reasons why boat parties are the national activity of Ibiza. Start packing because after reading this article you won’t have any excuses for not going to Ibiza.

1. The captain..

Every boat has a captain, who runs the whole crew. Our captain is really strict…he doesn’t allow anyone to be bored on the boat. He pumps non-stop music and makes people hit the dance floor. Also, little contests don’t hurt anyone, just be ready for the craziest twerking contest of your life and prizes for the lucky winners. If you want to have fun not only on the boat, feel free to hop on our Jetski on the crystal clear waters of Ibiza’s famous coastline. After a crazy ride, “El Capitan” will spray you down with a nice cold sparkling champagne shower, he loves taking care of his crew.

2. Get drunk

Everyone knows that Ibiza is not the cheapest option. Prices are high for almost everything and especially if you want to make most of what the island has to offer! A memorable boat party is one of the most highly sought after daytime experiences on the island, providing great value for money. It includes 4 hours of unlimited drinks and food on the boat. In comparison to the drink prices in some of its mega clubs, where you’ll pay 10-12€ just for a small bottle of water or beer, this is a wallet/budget-friendly option to optimise and maximise you’re holiday experience and have an amazing time for only 80€ on the open water!

3. Don’t miss the sightseeing

Ibiza is not just about its nightclub scene, it’s also all about the daytime events! The suns out, beaches are full and music is pumping from very early in the morning with a lot of positively vibed people roaming the streets and ports. Boat parties provide tourists and party-goers with a very different style to every night clubbing, I mean.. we can all go to a nightclub back home but not all of us have the opportunity to attend a boat party. This also provides you the chance to see another side of Ibiza, its beautiful calaswhere the boat stops to let everyone have a nice refreshing dip in the sea and a nice view of the smaller surrounding Balearic islands.

4. Heaven of International people

Ibiza is full of tourists and everyone wants to turn one’s holiday into one amazing adventure. One of the greatest things on the boat party is meeting the amazing multi-national people from all walks of life, all gathered on this magical island for the same purpose. ‘Music brings people together!’

Even if you haven’t visited Ibiza yet, you can only imagine the crazy things that go on here that those who do venture out here get to experience first hand. Your unforgettable experience can start with a world famous Ibiza boat party… you can thank me later!