Dear friends,

I’m writing you this evening from the headquarters of a new project of mine: The Laurel Canyon Center For Consciousness Studies. A few months back I moved out west and, in between making records, have started laying the ground work for this new center. It’s only just begun but I envision it serving as a headquarters for different events, concerts, and seminars throughout the west coast in the spirit of crossing the art world with the esoteric and the spiritual. The basis for the center is an investigation into consciousness as it arises out of art, mystic vision, myth archetype and symbol. My hope is that evolves into something truly strange, unique and original in the greater landscape.

We are also starting a journal entitled Fifth Sun / Fifth World. Contributors thus far include Michelle Mae (The Make-Up/Weird War), filmmaker Vincent Moon, Bill Baird (Sunset), Quentin Stoltzfus (Light Heat, Mazarin) and Dr Rudolph Bauer PhD.  The center and journal will include my astrological and esoteric work as well as further contributions from many others.

You can visit the journal here:

The site for the center itself is here:

For more information or to contact the center,

please email us at




Thanks for reading and please have a look.

– Peter Matthew Bauer


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