4 reasons why you shouldn‘t miss the boat parties

Welcome to the craziest island in the world. Ibiza is very well known for its clubs, world-famous events, and of course its unmissable boat parties. In this article, we will present 5 reasons why boat parties are the national activity of Ibiza. Start packing because after reading this article you won’t have any excuses for not going to Ibiza.

1. The captain..

Every boat has a captain, who runs the whole crew. Our captain is really strict…he doesn’t allow anyone to be bored on the boat. He pumps non-stop music and makes people hit the dance floor. Also, little contests don’t hurt anyone, just be ready for the craziest twerking contest of your life and prizes for the lucky winners. If you want to have fun not only on the boat, feel free to hop on our Jetski on the crystal clear waters of Ibiza’s famous coastline. After a crazy …

The best boat parties in NYC

Make a splash this summer at these wet-and-wild boat parties in NYC. The city boasts plenty of booze cruises equipped with full bars, great food and live music to keep you entertained on the water. So grab your tickets, hit the pier and prepare to get tipsy. As you know, New York has no shortage of places to drink outside, so make sure to check out our favorite outdoor dining spots, rooftop bars and boat bars for sipping cocktails in the open-air. Ahoy, party people!

1 Sunset Sail Happy Hour

Not to toot our own horn(blower), but if you want to feel like the king (or queen) of the world, hit up Time Out New York’s Sunset Sail Happy Hour. Hop aboard Hornblower’s Sensation and cruise along the Hudson while taking in unbeatable views of the Manhattan skyline. Each ticket includes one beer—and access to a nearby cash bar—to loosen …

9 Reason Why Corporate Get Togethers should look to Boat Parties

In today’s age the corporate environment is in under more stress than ever before. Unprecedented work schedules, back breaking targets, constantly changing business climate etc are few examples. One way to release this stress, create synergy and revive enthusiasm is to have the annual organization picnic that everyone looks forward to. Having a boat party can be one of a different experience that a boss can surprise their employees with.

Here are nine reasons why a corporate or an organization should look into a boat party for this annual picnic or any get together.

A very different experience

Boat Party provides a very different and refreshing experience. Much too often we see a lot of fall outs in the annual picnic at resort etc by employees as they feel it is far better to rest at home than play badminton on the squashy field followed by muscle aches. Over seasons …

Preparing For Your First Boat Party

Anyone who is yet to party on a boat may be imagining tuxedos, dolphins leaping overhead, mermaids waving as you sail past and standing with your newly found soul mate at the head of the boat, Jack and Rose style. However expectations are never quite the same as reality, and while it may not be the classy evening Lonely Island has made you imagine, it’s a hell of a lot more fun. To help you out and prevent mistakes like actually wearing a tuxedo, here’s a few tips on preparing for your first boat party.


It may seem like a good idea at the time, but the second you step onto that boat you’ll realise what a terrible mistake you’ve made. There is always one person who makes this mistake and they spend the entire night in a corner, holding on to something, unable to escape …